This coming Tuesday, Opeth will release their highly anticipated DVD In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall commemorating their 20th anniversary show at the famed London venue, and we've got the video clip that just premiered yesterday in the UK for you to check out in the player below now!

As part of an exclusive series of teaser clips from the live concert and on-the-road documentary featured on the DVD, this one finds Mikael Akerfeldt discussing the experience for the band and the homage to his heroes Deep Purple alongside some incredible performance footage.

Watch it now, and if you missed the first clip, or the funny video of Per and Frederick getting along really well, go right here to watch them as well. The fourth and final teaser will premiere on tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for more details!

If you haven't ordered your copy of the stunning DVD yet, then GO HERE to get full details of the formats available and to place your order.