Trivium recently gave their fans a 24-hour-only call-to-action to send in 30 second video clips of themselves discussing the band, and what resulted is nothing short of amazing.

"We wanted to make a quick video that could help introduce Trivium to people who don't know much about us, or may not even be aware of our existence," explains bassist and aspiring videographer Paolo Gregoletto. "I figured the best way to narrate a video like that would be to let our fans do the talking and tell their stories and experiences with Trivium."

And while he didn't expect many submissions, "by the next day we had a few hundred videos!" With sincere gratitude, Paolo writes, "I have to thank all our fans for taking the time out of there day to share a few moments about Trivium, you all did the hard work and made it very easy to make this short video. Getting to see so many different fans from all over the world and all different walks of life was very moving and has given us even more inspiration to draw from as we are preparing to record album number 5 for you all!"

Go RIGHT HERE to check out the resulting video montage now!