And the title for HINGE's upcoming Roadrunner debut will be...(drumroll please)...The Darker Side Of Nonsense. So what's in a name? Where does it come from? As Hinge's vocalist Cliff tells, there are 2 really cool reasons behind the name (and I quote) - 1) "When you get to know us as people, we're really just a bunch of ball busters, but then when you get to see us live, it's such a different vibe all together, that it really does become 'the darker side of nonsense'". and 2) "Let's face it folks, it just makes sense!" In other Hinge news, the boys will be up in Yonkers tomorrow (03/08) doing a photoshoot for the upcoming The Darker Side Of Nonsense, which is now scheduled for a June release. Expect some very disturbing photos to surface soon... Oh, and one last thing, expect to be hearing a new Hinge track on this site come Friday (03/09).