Wednesday 13, of Murderdolls fame, has signed to Roadrunner Records as a solo artist and will be unleashing TRANSYLVANIA 90210 – SONGS OF DEATH, DYING AND THE DEAD on the label in early 2005. The band, currently comprised of Wednesday on vocals/guitar, Ghastly on drums, Kid Kid on bass and Pig on guitar will begin touring in short order in the UK. They plan to storm the US sometime in early 2005. Wednesday 13's new album reaches new heights in Horror-Core. "I'm really happy that Roadrunner has decided to get behind me on this record,” says Wednesday. “I think after the Murderdolls album we now have a better idea of how to push this release. This album is just a natural progression for me. Does it sound like Murderdolls or (Wednesday's pre-Murderdolls band) Frankenstein Drag Queens? Yes, and No. I did some things different from how Murderdolls would, but it's still the same voice. And I hate when people use the word mature, in describing how they have progressed from one album to the other. I'm still just the same guy obsessed with horror movies, cartoons, and death.” TRACK LISTING - TRANSYLVANIA 90210 – SONGS OF DEATH, DYING AND THE DEAD 1. Post Mortem Boredom 2. Look What The Bats Dragged In 3. I Walked With A Zombie 4. Haunt Me 5. God Is A Lie 6. I Want You...Dead 7. The Ghost Of Vincent Price 8. Rot For Me 9. Transylvania 90210 10. Elect Death For President 11. Bad Things 12. House By the Cemetery 13. A Bullet Named Christ Of the tracks on the new album, Wednesday adds “There are a few surprises that the fans won't expect... The title TRANSYLVANIA 90210 – SONGS OF DEATH, DYING AND THE DEAD comes from the idea of what I think a Wednesday 13 TV show would be like, it's like each song is an episode." Tune in in 2005!