So, what's in a number? Let's examine what is known as lucky number "7": As this is being written, "Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Clown)" is being played. Huh? Coincidentally enough, that song is track #7 off Judas Priest's 1979 Hell Bent For Leather release. True. Speaking of track #7's, this is the 7th week of us adding a track to the online Sinch player. Click it. Check it out. Only four more weeks to go. And speaking of coincidence, track #7 just so happens to be aptly titled, "Seven." True. Speaking of true, Sinch is on the road right now - a co-headline bill with Epidemic. Tonight's show (08/20) - Shags in Cedar Falls, IA. Speaking with Jay Smith just moments ago from the venue, his thoughts wonder towards Miami - "Do these people think they're in Miami? There's neon palm trees in here." Jay's thoughts also shift towards the dress code in this joint. Apparently there is a sign saying No sunglasses, No ripped jeans, No full camouflage, No bandanas, No New Jersey sport cloths, No baseball hats, No dice. Ya know the odd thing, those are 7 "NO's"...coincidence? You make the call. see TOUR section for all upcoming Sinch dates Sinch's self titled debut in stores now