Out of the blue on this beautiful, hot, steamy, damp, Spring, yet Summer like day in NYC, a special visitor came and stopped by the Roadrunner office. "Special," you question? "YES! We are told his mom thinks he is special!" And we are speaking about none other than ILL NINO percussionist Roger Vasquez. Back in town one week to the day from Ill Nino's tour dates with Soulfly and Hatebreed, Roger stopped by this afternoon to listen to some of the new mixes from their upcoming Revolution...Revolucion LP (due out in July)...and to shoot the shit about about this past month's travel experiences. "The mixes sound spankin' bro," tells Roger. "I ain't gonna lie to you!" Listen for yourself, 2 new tracks from Ill Nino are currently up in the MUSIC section of our site - "God Save Us" and "If You Still Hate Me". as for being on the road with Soulfly and Hatebreed... "It was an honor. Those cats are totally the bomb. I squealed like a little schoogirl at a Ricky Martin concert. Hope to do it again!" and as for being back in NYC... "I am happy to be back. I've missed the smell of hot garbage in the streets, all my homeless friends in the subways, and just the straight up chaos that is New York! But I definitely can't wait to get back on the road to see all my new friends out there." By the way, Roger sends a special thanks out to San Francisco - During a show there on April 19th, Roger's birthday, the fans showed incredible love. Roger sends the love right back!