So, have you heard of Downer yet? Do you know anything about them? Check out their bio section for a brief history on the band and check out their music section to hear a couple selected tracks. Other than that, check out these early reviews on the act: "Of the new breed, it's DOWNER who scoop the best shot award with a pounding cut in 'LAST TIME'." -METAL HAMMER (review of DOWNLOAD 2 Roadrunner compilation) "DOWNER sound interesting - pairing down-tuned bombast with gothic-style atmospherics on 'Bi Furious'." - KERRANG! (review of DOWNLOAD 2 Roadrunner compilation) "With tension-release grooves, unsettling dissonance and angst-driven lyrics, DOWNER will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat." - MUSIC CONNECTION "DOWNER plays hard and fast with an angry rhythm and a raging guitar. Listen up. Only their name is a drag..." - LA WEEKLY