As reported last week, the final master for Ill Nino's upcoming Revolution...Revolucion LP has been cut. The album will be released on July 31st. End Of Story? Nope! You've heard a couple of the new tracks, and now it is time to start learning about the band... We present to you a quick Cheat Sheet on Ill Nino, as written by their A&R Rep here at Roadrunner - Amigos! Just wanted to shoot a quick noticia 'round 'bout our pals in Ill Nino as the record is now finished. I'm as excited with the finished record: Revolution...Revolucion! as I was when the band was signed. It's a rare and exciting record: a Latino-laced soundclash that runs the gamut from death-metal aggro to Flamenco guitar runs to Calypso rhythms. And all of that occasionally happens within the same song. And yes, they utterly destroy live. Godzilla-sized sounds and jumping bean energy. Here's a quick run down on the six band members. Christian Machado (vocals): Ill Nino's voice. Brazilian-born. Grew up in both Brazil and Venezuela. The son of a Brazilian musician. Great frontman. Speaks Spanish and English fluently with a smattering of Portuguese. Dave Chavarri (drums): Ill Nino's founder and driving force. Peruvian born. Has played in a number of bands including M.O.D., Pro Pain and more notably, Soulfly. Dave filled in for Soulfly after Roy Mayorga's departure from the band and continued with them for a couple months, recording a track for the second Black Sabbath tribute record. Great sense of humor. Speaks English and Spanish fluently. Roger Vasquez (Percussion): Hails from Spanish Harlem. Plays the the Congas and Timbales and adds to the general Ill Nino soundclash. Has gigged around the Northeast and toured South America with the intensely political NYC based group, Ricanstruction. Extremely personable. Speaks Spanish and English fluently. A great personality. Marc Rizzo (Guitars): Plays Flamenco (Spanish) guitar like he was born to it. Musically, a key member of the band. 22 years old. Guitar god in waiting. Lazaro Pina (Bassist): Dominican but New Jersey born and bred. Owner of the studio wherein Ill Nino did all pre-production for Revolution...Revolucion, did much of the engineering for the LP, and reads Charles Bukowski books before going to bed at night/morning. Nuff said! Jardel Paisante (Guitars): Brazilian born and relocated to the US only three years ago. Hails from Max Cavalera's hometown of Belo Horizante (near Rio). Fantastic live presence. Speaks English and Portuguese fluently. This is the word on Ill Nino according to Mike