What's the idea behind the new Sepultura LP titled NATION? As guitarist Andreas Kisser puts it, "It's a concept album about the creation of a better world. We are creating a new nation ourselves, and all the song titles will relate to this idea. This is the beginning of a new century, a new millenium, and it's time for something fresh for people to think about. We're going to make our own flag and we'll have our own anthems to go with it." Here are some of the track titles on the LP along with a short description of the songs as written by Andreas: 'Sepulnation' "This one tells people how we feel about this nation we wish to create" 'Revolt' "It's very fast and very short. In this case the concept relates to disarmament, war, and the search for something better." 'One Man Army' "A song about the power that one man can have - it's about how one man can cause wars, but yet one man alone could also help global problems." 'Thlio' "This means 'union'. It's a song I wrote on classical guitar. It turned into something beautiful." 'Who Must Die' "This relates to the death penalty and is about a search for resolution." 'Reject' "A song that looks at the media and mass information and the effect that it has on people." 'Saga' "This is a new song that we played live on this summer's Tattoo The Earth tour. People seemed to really like it. It's about my own history and the struggle that we have created throughout time." 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' "A cover of the Bauhaus song. We did it completely differently and slowed it right down. It's very heavy and very good. It'll probably end up as a b-side." 'Rise Above' "A Black Flag cover, just because it's a great song. It might end up on the album if we think it fits in with the concept."