This past Friday (05/03), someone sent in an article from the London publication Reuters. The article was in reference to some confusion about another Slipknot group. Sunday (05/05), The Fax (Westwood One) wrote about it, too. Yesterday (05/06), in an article titled People = Knit: Slipknot Fans Attack Needle-Wielding Ladies, even wrote about it... So, what is 'it' that we speak of? Let us ask you a question: how many Slipknots out there do you know of? Well, for starters, we have the Slipknot we all know who we're talking about. But, apparently there is another Slipknot group out there. Based in Britain. An all female group. Over 1,000 members strong. Please welcome the other Slipknot, The Knitting & Crochet Guild Slipknot. The members of this knitter's quarterly journal are not to be confused with the 9 guys that brought us "People=Shit". Some Roadrunner Slipknot fans, searching for info on the web, apparently stumbled across the knitter's info, sending some not to pleasant message to this British group. Secretary Anne Budworth tells "I don't know how anyone could confuse us with them. I haven't ever seen the band knitting." Agreed, and True. "E-mails have been pretty unpleasant, telling us that we shouldn't be on the Internet with the word 'Slipknot," chair of The Knitting & Crochet Guild Rita Taylor tells. "But we are not going to let it bother us," she added. That's right, chin up, ladies. The goal of this Slipknot group is "preserving and nurturing the skills of knitting and crochet." So, how do you like that? You learn something new every day. Ladies, we wish you the best. Maggots and fans of the 'other' Slipknot, all our best goes out to you, too...and we ask you please wish the same to the lovely ladies of the Slipknot knitting & crochet guild.