Trivium played the Download Festival in the UK this past weekend, and tonight are playing the Metal Hammer Awards Show in London...and with reviews on the band's Ascendancy release still coming in like the most recent one below from, it is of no wonder why. The review starts off with "These guys could very well be the saviors of metal. I have no idea how long it took Jesus to convince people he was the savior of the Jews, but it took Roadrunner about four days to convince the entire world that Trivium were the saviors of metal. Lo and behold, this is the new testament of heavy metal." And it concludes "Trivium are what metal is and should be about. Ascendancy is the ammunition necessary for the rebellion. Trivium are taking metal back!" For all the words in between, Click Here For summer Trivium tour dates on Ozzfest, check our TOUR section Ascendancy in stores now