Killswitch Engage entered Zing Studios in Westfield, MA just about 2 ½ weeks ago to start the recording of their Roadrunner debut, currently titled Alive Or Just Breathing. So, what has been accomplished during this time? Word from the band is that the bass tracks have been completed on 5 songs, the guitar tracks are about 3/4 done, drums are completely finished, and vocals just started. Word is also that the bass should be completely finished come this weekend, on either Saturday or Sunday. The band writes the following: Creating an LP for Roadrunner is no easy task. Not by a long shot. Painstaking effort, endless hours locked indoors, enduring blistered broken strumming hands... with these sacrifices for our album, we ensure true perfection in our music. Check out these STUDIO PHOTOS for an idea of just how hard we are working. A MUST SEE, check out the first 7 photos in the Killswitch Engage PHOTO GALLERY. These pics were recently taken in studio, and gives a behind the scenes look at what's going on... NOTE - THIS GUY is producing the effort... This is the word of KsE NOTE II - The Production Gospel According To Dave declined comment, but promised a full scale investigation on all expenditures, going though each receipt with a fine tooth comb...Phase II is upon us...You have been warned...Resistance is futile... more to come.