Well, it has been one week since we introduced to you "WHAT WE DID WITH ROADRUNNER'S MONEY - Pt I", a detailed look at Killswitch Engage and how the recording of their upcoming debut release Alive Or Just Breathing is progressing. So, sit back, as here we go with Part II. It has been almost a month since Killswitch Engage entered Zing Studios in MA. As we mentioned previously, all drum tracks have been completed. Where does the rest of this effort stand? Update from the band is as follows: "Ah, the long road of making an album...This past weekend KsE created more harmonious chaos at ZING STUDIO in Westfield, MA. To date we have all the drums finished, bass on 12 songs, guitar on 13 songs and vocals on 4 and ½ songs. Intonation problems have plagued us a bit...at one point Joel had to re-do ALL his guitars...at 4 guitar tracks per song - that's about 56 tracks! But despite all set backs (just found out Andy Sneap can't mix and master our record till February) we persevere, and for good reason...this shit is sounding better than we could have ever anticipated! We are siked as hell! Some things to look forward too on this new LP: Heavier guitar crunch, growling bass tone, lower overall tuning, thick/fast double bass, better/catchier song writing and some of the best vocals thus far from Jesse. Yes sir, good old Uncle Jesse belted out some exceptional vocal work this weekend - definitely his greatest attempt to date. We are very proud of him. Take a look at him hard at work in the studio." The latest 2 pics from KsE in the studio, in particular Jesse, can be found HERE. Enjoy...those w/ weak stomachs, heart conditions, pregnant, or underage, view with caution or do not view at all. reminder - THIS GUY is producing the effort... Thanks again to the band for the update and the pictures...we look forward to more in the weeks to come. This is the word of KsE