It's here, the debut 36 Crazyfists video. The track, "Slit Wrist Theory". Where the song hails from, the band's Bitterness The Star debut (in stores now). Where the band hails from, Alaska...but then you already knew that, silly. If not, you'll surely know it after watching the video. a few notes about the video: 1) band performance footage was shot in Brooklyn, NY. 2) no, this is not the 'clean' version of this video, but the only version of it. It just seems like a clean version because of the slightest edit on the vocals...that edit being the muffed "fuck's" in the song. But really, c'mon, how often do you EVER see a video with such language? Never. 3) there is a cool, down and dirty feel to this piece. Get into it... See our VIDEO section for the goods And before we say goodbye, you know that we can't have a 36 Crazyfists update without giving you some sort of fact on try this: Alaska accounts for 25% of the oil produced in the United States. Furthermore, if one were so inclined, one could fit the state of Rhode Island into Alaska 425 times. True. Enjoy the video.