So, spent some time cruising around the Roadrunner site today, checking everything out, making sure all is good. Ya know what people here in the office haven't hit in a while? Ill Nino's Ill Pac Mano game. Remember it? Never heard of it? Either way, check it out (again)...simply hit it up in our GAMES section. what else Ill Nino related today...ah, check out the Ill Nino PHOTO GALLERY - 8 new live pics have just been added - from their show this past Saturday (01/12) in San Diego. Photos courtesy of Ty. Thanks Ty. speaking of shows, Ill Nino is playing a sold out show at The World in New York City this coming Friday (01/18). Got tickets? If not, check out our FREE SHIT section for a chance to win a pair. and last, speaking of seeing Ill Nino, check back on Friday for a special video package done on the band...some very revealing and candid footage of the band (and a couple Roadrunner cats). The piece is courtesy of BK.