If you've ever wanted to receive an Auspice, now's the time. Two and a half weeks after the 50th anniversary of Adalia's disappearance, Madina Lake are bringing you the third, clue-packed webisode of "Where's Adalia?" Visit www.wheresadalia.com to watch all of the webisodes.

Take a peek at Adalia in action with the new video for "Here I Stand" from Madina Lake's debut album From them, through us, to you. See it today featured on www.mtv2.com, in regular rotation on MTV2, on our YouTube channel, or in high quality on our site. Or, hell, be lazy and watch it below. It's up to you.

Projekt Revolution has welcomed Madina Lake aboard to tour with Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. They're also playing dates with Papa Roach. Find out more in their tour section.