Check it out: Chimaira Digital Noise Network - must say, one of the coolest reviews ever seen...not just becuase of what it says, but really because of how it is presented. Make sure to check this one out... Exhale The Vile - Check out an interview with vocalist Mark Hunter...oh, pay close attention to the line where he says "our roots are coming from Slayer..." and know that the ultimate band does exist! debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores October 2nd Ill Nino Exhale The Vile - read a review on their recently released debut...Quote to live by - "A band like Ill Nino doesn't come along every day, a band that has so much diversity, so much intense emotion, and yet such a tight, thick sound. Ill Nino could make the biggest men mosh, then sit back and cry in the same song. There is something very special about Ill Nino and if my intuition is correct, I'm sure many people will find this out very soon." debut release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now Machine Head NY Rock - review of their upcoming Supercharger release - "The songs are blunt, primal, and full of energy." Want more? "Machine Head's fourth disc may just be their best to date." Read on... Dynamic Rock - another review in..."(Supercharger) easily justifies the fact that Machine Head is a foremost leader in the world of Metal…" new release Supercharger in stores October 2nd