This weekend, June 1st in particular, Soulfly will be shooting the video for "Seek 'N' Strike", a track off the upcoming 3 release. We are two days before the shoot, what is Soulfly guitarist Mikey Doling up to? Check it: Roadrunner: Where are you right now? Mikey: In Santa Barbara at my house. Roadrunner: What has your day consisted of so far? Mikey: Gettin' ready to go down to Phoenix to shoot the video, packin & shit. Got up about 10am today. Roadrunner: And what will you have accomplished by the end of day? Mikey: Will have played guitar, smoked some weed, done some laundry. I'm off right now, just kickin' it with my dogs. Roadrunner: When do you leave for the video shoot? Mikey: Leaving tomorrow, will be in Phoenix tomorrow night. Actually, the producer (of the video) asked me to bring guitars that I could throw dirt on and fuck up. Roadrunner: Song off 3 which you love to play the most? Mikey: That's a hard one. Roadrunner: That's what she said... Mikey: Would probably be "Last Of The Mohicans", incredibly thrashy, fun to play. Roadrunner: Primitive vs 3, what's the biggest difference? Mikey: 3 is more in your face. more raw. Roadrunner: You will be touring with Slayer this summer, thoughts? Mikey: Definitely a fan. Who isn't? Looking forward to watching Dave Lombardo play with them. Roadrunner: And the weather today? Mikey: Got a pair of shorts on and the back door is open, probably about 80 degrees. Roadrunner: Dogs names? Mikey: That would be Oscar and LuLu, two black little Boston Terriers. And I love ESP guitars, just to let you know. Totally cool people. Roadrunner: Are you online at all? Mikey: Online? Dude, I'm so retarded. No. The day I get bored, I'll probably buy one (a computer).