Folks, check it out - ESPN has put together a half hour show called "White Out" which will air Thursday (02/22) at 4pm EST and Saturday (02/24) at 11am EST. And of course it is to be on ESPN! The show is a half hour of the best wipe outs from the 2001 Winter X Games set to Roadrunner Music. The wipe outs you will see are from ski, snowboard, snowmobile, and dirt bike events. The music you will hear includes multiple tracks from Downer, Machine Head, Spineshank, and Junkie XL. Plus, there are 2 fifteen second plugs during the program for our site here! Don't you dare say sellout! Once again, the program is called "White Out", it is on ESPN Thursday (02/22) at 4pm EST and on Saturday (02/24) at 11am EST.