Currently, Chimaira is getting ready for the upcoming Roadrunner Road Rage Tour, which is actually now being sponsored by the great cats at REVOLVER and GUITAR WORLD Magazines. As you should all be well aware of by now, this tour features not only Chimaira, but Fear Factory, Machine Head, and Ill Nino as well. So what new do we have to offer up from the world of Chimaira? Check out the following: new music - we just rolled out another track from their upcoming Pass Out Of Existence release. A track titled "Sp lit". Check it out the MP3 of this under Downloads in our MUSIC section. new player - today work was finished up on a fantastic Chimaira player. What is it? You gotta check it out - you can hear every song from their upcoming release, see fantastic art, and read descriptions of each track. Oh, it's good! Check it out HERE. new review - ever hear us mention Digital Metal here on the site? Probably not, and for good reason...they usually hate our shit! However, as far as Chimaira goes, they like it! They really like it! Check out their review on Chimaira's upcoming release HERE. Pass Out Of Existence in stores October 2nd