Three things to watch out for from the world of Sepultura in the near future: dvd, live cd release, and a show for the folks in Brazil. I - Chaos DVD A collaboration of Sepultura's previous three vhs releases, Chaos DVD is set to hit streets on August 13th. What to expect? Check it: From the Under Seige vhs, released around the 1991 Arise cd, a one hour live performance from Zeleste in Barcelona, Spain on May 31, 1991. Rock. From the Third World Chaos vhs, released around the 1995 Chaos A.D. cd, live performances from the Donnington Festival, Red Rocks and Brazilian Festivals, along with the videos for "Slave New World," "Refuse/Resist," "Territory," "Arise" and "Dead Embryonic Cells." Shim. From the We Are What We Are vhs, released around the 1997 Roots cd, videos for "Roots Bloody Roots," "Ratamahatta" and "Attitude." Sham. II - Under A Pale Grey Sky Huh? The title for the upcoming live Sepultura cd has been confirmed, Under A Pale Grey Sky. This cd, which is currently scheduled for an August 27th release, is in fact the last-ever performance of the classic Sepultura line-up featuring Max Cavalera (guitar/vocals), Igor Cavalera (drums), Andreas Kisser (guitar) and Paulo Pinto Jr. (bass). This historic show took place at Brixton Academy in London on December 16th, 1996. "Sounds unbelievable," tells the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave. He also tells it will be a double cd, featuring most all songs from Sepultura's set that last evening. Final track listing not yet confirmed, but word is that approximately 22 of the 26 songs that follow will be included: 01. Roots Bloody Roots 02. Spit 03. Territory 04. Breed Apart 05. Attitude 06. Cut-Throat 07. Troops Of Doom 08. Beneath The Remains 09. Mass Hypnosis 10. Born Stubborn 11. Desperate Cry 11. Necromancer 12. Dusted 13. Endangered Species 14. We Who Are Not As Others 15. Straighthate 16. Dictatorshit 17. Refuse/Resist 18. Arise 19. Slave New World 20. Biotech Is Godzilla 21. Inner Self 22. Policia (TITAS) 23. We Gotta Know (CRO-MAGS) 24. Kaiowas 25. Ratamahatta 26. Orgasmatron (MOTÖRHEAD) III - Tribute Planning to get away this weekend? Take a trip to San Paulo, Brazil - 12 bands will be hitting the stage the Saturday (06/29) for a Sepultura tribute, playing a total of 48 songs. For a complete listing of bands involved and songs to be played, check out THIS here site...and bring your penchant for the Portuguese language, too.