A couple weeks back we put up a contest asking why PEOPLE = SHIT, with the 15 best reasons (as judged by our Controller) winning Slipknot metal radio samplers. Well, over the course of a bus Jersey bus ride, our Controller has deemed the first nine winners. Enjoy. They are as follows: 1) Kevin F from South Carolina. People=Shit because no matter how much love and respect you give em', they take the collective cock and shove it up your ass...and mine's starting to bleed from that shit...PEOPLE=SHIT! 2) Anthony G from Arizona. Because Life Is a Dick To Us All. 3) Mike T from Michigan. People = Shit , because we unlike any other species allow our weak to survive. so now we are overpopulated with stupid weak fuckers, who starve 150 years after the invent of scientific agriculture, and fuckers who still think the crusades are going on. 4) Craig L from (don't mess with) Texas. because everywhere i go when people see me they move away from me they hold their purses tighter pull their kids in close to them and to everything they can to express their hate towards me and make me feel like an outcast who shouldn't even be alive. 5) Corey R from New York. There not as chewy as caramel. 6) Vinny G from New York. i don't know, I just love porn. 7) Andy G from Illinois. People equal shit because people are fucking stupid. idiocy is something i believe should be punishable by death. not a day goes by when i don't interact with some dumb motherfucker that just makes me wanna cut off their legs and beat 'em to death. 8) Rich C from Massachusetts. When I wrote about how sad and hurt I was that my friend died, my English teacher wrote the comment, "I'm sorry life's not fair, Have a great summer!!" 9) Joey C from North Carolina. Because people are egotistical losers that have no life and should be shot and replaced w/ sick mask wearing maniacs :-D NOTE: the above do not necessarily accurately represent our thoughts as a label...except, of course, for perhaps the porn answer. Check out our FREE SHIT section for other contests currently being held. Slipknot head to Japan this weekend, new "My Plague" video coming to the site next week.