Dutch female fronted rock act, Within Temptation, are using the video of their new single "Frozen" to raise public awareness for one of the last remaining taboos in our society: abuse within the family

Sharon den Adel, singer of the band: "We decided to raise this topic because it's still not discussed enough in public. The victims of abuse suffer their whole life from it. The dark figure of abuse is extremely high especially if the abuser is a member of the family which is often the case. Abused children don't dare to disclose their abuser as they obviously have been threatened by this person and in addition they feel guilty accusing a family member.

Since becoming parents we became much more aware of the subject. If you only think for one second this could happen to your own child, you start losing your mind. We learned when writing the lyrics to "Frozen" and then later filming the video how difficult it is to talk openly about this subject.

When the "Frozen" video was shown for the first time on the video internet platform, YouTube, it was viewed by more than 50,000 people within a few days thus becoming one of the most viewed music videos on YouTube. That showed us how important it was for many people that we made a video about this subject.

In the period our video set (the turn from 19th to 20th Century) the Mother saw no other way out for her and her child than to poison her husband. For this she went to jail. That's of course not what we would suggest to anyone today. The only way, however, to stop abuse, is to break the silence and talk about it.

That's why we decided to support Child Helpline International with the income for the "Frozen" single we will receive from our record company.

Child Helpline International (CHI) is a global network of child helplines and works in 150 countries around the world. CHI aims to help establish child helplines in countries that do not offer these valuable services and strengthen those helplines already in existence.

Around 100 child helplines receive 10 million calls a year from children and young people in need. The calls, text messages or web contacts made to the helplines cover many different issues including, physical or sexual abuse, violence, drug use, bullying, relationship issues, but a caller sometimes contacts a helpline because they just need someone to talk to...someone to listen.

CHI works with child helplines in all regions of the world from Africa to Asia, through Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Wherever children and young people are in need of care and protection, child helplines endeavor to bring them comfort through listening to their concerns, referring them to the appropriate services or in some cases directly intervening to bring children or young people to safety.

Most helplines are free to call and will treat calls confidentially. To find a helpline in your country or in your language see www.childhelplineinternational.org & www.chiworld.org.

CHI believes, no child should be left alone.


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