"We really can’t wait to release this album as it belongs in your hands..."

Sharon Den Adel, Within Temptation's frontwoman, has revealed that "Where Is The Edge," the new track which the band premiered just last week, doesn't showcase the full spectrum of the forthcoming concept album The Unforgiving, and promises fans a deeper look at what's to come.

In a post on the band's Official Website, Sharon writes:
"From the moment we started writing this album we felt it was time for change, to take a bigger step in our musical development then we’ve done with the last two albums...'The Unforgiving' is the album with the most diversity between the songs then ever before. Containing the heaviest riffs we’ve ever played, lots of uptempo moments, guitar-solo’s, but at the same time also some of the most catchy stuff ever."

Sharon goes on to explain that the band plan to share more music with the world in a special Video Trailer "containing parts of different songs, the music video’s and… (more about this 3rd ingredient laterrr)..." 

Read the full post HERE and remember you can check out a "Where Is The Edge" right now over at the band's Facebook Page.