A couple weeks ago we introduced a new section of our site, The Heart Of Roadrunner Records...this page, of course, being born from the release of the first ever Roadrunner compilation, also titled The Heart Of Roadrunner Records. In the future, you can expect this page to grow and grow. In fact, the first additions have just been made. Remember the links (and images) for "Roadrunner Radio" and "Pieces Of New"? Yeah, they were the ones with the words Coming Soon, We Swear tattooed across them. Well, those tats have been removed and they are live. Roadrunner Radio: Just as the title states, it's a Roadrunner radio program. This inaugural piece runs about an hour and twenty minutes. Hosted by our metal radio specialist here at Roadrunner (Amy Sciarretto), it holds many a Roadrunner classic - some songs probably never heard before - and insight from Amy on each of the songs, bands, the meaning of death metal, and more. Check it out...future editions of RR Radio will be digging deeper into the Roadrunner Vault. Pieces Of New: This here, is a place where you can go to hear snippets of new songs, so new that we can't really put them out there in full just yet. Basically, a place for you to hear progress on our bands. You can expect to hear many pieces of demos, rough mixes, etc... Four tracks are up in there now, including first listen of new Spineshank and Red Tape. And last (YES, THERE IS MORE)... Roadrunner Postcards: Yes, look at the top right of this page where it says "SEND A HEART OF ROADRUNNER RECORDS POSTCARD"...click on it...enjoy. Hey, and if you have ideas for more such postcards, send em our way. The Heart Of Roadrunner Records in stores now