Tonight (02/14) marks the start of Slipknot's UK tour run - 6 shows in 7 nights. Earlier today the band hung out with 3,000 fans at an in store in Glasgow, the first of three during this UK tour leg. How have things been going during the three prior weeks in Europe? Corey, whilst playing dice and gambling backstage before their show in Belgium on 02/12, relays the following: things are going good...We had 2 nights in Paris - amazing, broke out some different shit for them. Visited Jim Morrison's grave (Corey, Jim and Clown), paid our respects and left a Slipknot hat for him. Currently an afternoon in Brussels...there's about to be a fight (laughing)...all the pressure coming together, it's fuckin evil - tensions mounted, aggressions to be's all good, 6 shows left in 9 nine more days. As this is being written (02/14 @ 7:27pm EST), the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave is in the Greater Philly airport, awaiting a flight to London. Reason? If you remember, in a mere 2 days on Saturday (02/16), the show at the London Arena will be shot for an upcoming Slipknot dvd project and for an upcoming video for "My Plague". A note to all you London cats - be fucking sic. One final note, in case you are unaware, Slipknot will be doing two more in store appearance whilst in the UK: Tuesday, 02/19 at Virgin Megastore in Cardiff, and Wednesday, 02/20 at Virgin Megastore in Birmingham. During these in store appearances, the first 1,000 fan in attendance will be given a raffle ticket, one ticket which will be picked for the holder to personally meet up with the band and get an international football shirt signed by all nine members. It's true.