What is The Workhorse Movement up to right now? They are at home in Detroit Rock City writing new material and recording new demos. From what I hear, they are having a great time writing...They are excited...pumped...enthused. For this is the first time in years they have really sat down to write fresh, new shit AND marks the first time that Pete is involved in the writing process (see, he was a longtime friend of the band that joined the Movement in 1999, after SONS OF THE PIONEERS was already written). Quote of the day: this quote comes to us from Beth at the management for The Workhorse Movement and is in regards to describing the new tunes...."It's SO ROCK!" In my mind, that is the ultimate compliment, hands down... In the meantime, for any of you who have yet to see their live show (which is a MUST see) and will be in Detroit for the Holidays, the band will be playing 12/23. A WRIF 101.1 FM X-MAS show held at Detroit's legendary (& scary) HARPO's, located on the East Side of Detroit! A venue that is haunted by bands of shows past...who has graced that stage in the past? Guns n' Roses, Clutch, Dio, Gwar, and a list of Roadrunner bands including Type O Negative, Misfits, and Deicide, just to name a few. Once again, if you are near, check out this show! It will be well worth it, maybe you'll even hear a couple new tracks?!?! Oh, and happy caroling!