In an email titled "Hey Ro", from one of our beloved Roadcrew members (Kevin Maccarone), and sent to the brown Satan himself (Ro), Kevin wrote that he heard Spineshank on ESPN over the weekend. Oh ya, it's true. Our man was watching ESPN this past Sunday morning when they were talking about game 7 of the National Hockey League Finals (between Colorado and Jersey - should've been Pittsburgh instead of Jersey...but we don't talk about that anymore). Well, whilst showing highlights from the final game, ESPN had Spineshank's "New Disease" playing in the background. He sent it just to let us know. And we are writing just to let you know. Keep your ears peeled in the future. As for Spineshank, they officially started their headline tour this past weekend. A tour which will keep them going until they join the Ozzfest tour come July 14th. Currently on the road with Spineshank are Chimaira, Ill Nino, Sw1tched, and No One. Check out the TOUR section for a date near you.