Finishing up their SoCal residency at the Troubador in Los Angeles and Casbah in San Diego, Young the Giant are getting ready to hit the road on a national run with Marina and the Diamonds.

While doing an in-office performance for Dickies, the clothing co's website sat down with frontman Sameer Gadhia to discuss life on the road for this burgeoning band.

Read the Q&A below, and to get a free MP3 from YTG, go right here.

Q: Touring is a big part of a musician’s job nowadays, any advice for artists getting into their first years of touring?
A: Enjoy those nights with friends. Stay up as late as possible. Don’t get jaded. Still take time everyday to enjoy where you’re at.

Q: You are leaving for tour, list 5 things you can't live without on the road.
A: 1) Music player  2) Headphones  3) Earplugs  4) Underwear  5) Good suitcase
Q: What challenges have you overcome as an artist, or band, that have made you a better band/artist?
A: Working with Joe Chiccarelli was a great challenge for us. He pushed us to a place we never thought we could get, and we owe that to him. He humbled us, and made us monsters at the same time.

Q: What motivates you to continue making music?
A: The idea of pure creation; the excitement of making something that is uniquely yours. It’s powerful shit.

The first record that had an influence on me becoming a musician was Pink Floyd The Wall, and the first instrument that I ever owned was guitar.
Q: If you weren't a musician, what would you be doing?
A: I’d be in college. Don’t quit kids.