"After over a years’ anticipation, we are finally in the studio finishing up this album. Now that our time is here, however, we find it slipping down and through fervently clasped hands like all experiences worth remembering. It is with these few paragraphs that I attempt to describe all those falling raindrops. It’s difficult to believe that it is once again spring; that we are still here, that this path is still lit before us. With this assertion, we must realize that time trudges relentlessly forward, that youth too runs its indelible circles under an aging sunset.  

Associating dreams from reality has become rather hard for us these past few weeks. All of us once feared that recording would not live up to our expectations, but now we find ourselves as little children, in awe of those indescribable lights. There are the little things; the frequent rock legend encounters when in Joe’s company, the unique music history of our studio space, the free coffee and candies, and Sadie and Max, our two new beloved canine companions. These little things were all I wanted and dreamt of as a garage band youth, the novelty of which I thought would make me die of happiness. Never could I have imagined all the rest of it.

 It has been a month since Joe Chiccarelli first came to our place to commence pre-production, and two weeks since tracking at Sunset Sound with Joe and Bill, our assistant engineer, in Hollywood (a ten minute walk from our place). In such time, the full length has finally begun to carve its own statue. We have spent all of our waking time together with Joe, and as the affectionate people we are, have dubbed him an honorary sixth member of the band. He has taught us how to consciously evoke our creative forces, how to run despite the ropes of expectation that may suffocate, and how to sleep at the end of the day. It is reassuring to have a man as seasoned as Joe pushing us to a place we never thought we could quite reach ourselves.

As we pack our things and move into King Size studios in Silverlake for overdubs, we find ourselves with new futures to gaze upon. We have been offered an opening spot for Minus the Bear’s national CD release tour of ‘Omni.’ Not only is this tour a big step up from anything we have ever before experienced on the road, but is also a dream come true for us Minus the Bear fans. Our tour dates are available and tickets purchasable on our myspace, or right here on youngthegiant.com.  

In short. The album is almost ready. We will soon be playing at your town. Come join us, as we run in circles around the best of times."