As the dust stirred up by Young the Giant's various amazing performances at this year's CMJ Music Marathon in New York City continues to dance around in the air, MTV checks in with the SoCal stunners' frontman to find out more about the band’s origins, influences, and hopes for their self-titled debut album. Produced by Joe Chiccarelli, the album has been described by as having "an ethereal pop sensibility throughout... coupled with a vibrant lyrical edge" and was just released on October 26th.

Read on to see what vocalist Sameer Gadhia had to say about it below, go right here for the full feature, and if you haven't picked up your copy of this digital-only release, get it at this location.

MTV: I know all of you met in high school, but how did you all end up deciding to play together?

Gadhia: Well, where we’re from, Irvine, California, there was a big local music scene; it was a big social thing, especially for young kids. All of us, independently of one another, went to shows pretty young. My tour manager is actually the first person who I ever saw play live music. But, we all had our own bands in high school, some of us in middle school even, and we decided to get together and try something different. We all just met by chance really. I have known Payam [Doostzadeh, bassist]since elementary school. We played soccer together. And I met Jake [Tilley, guitarist] in middle school. He had just moved over from England.

MTV: What were you all listening to while you were recording the album? Who was your inspiration? Or influence, you could say.

Gadhia: We just try to listen to everything and anything really. We’re big music enthusiasts in general. This is not to say that these groups became the specific output for our sound, but we have our big time influences like… Radiohead, The Velvet Underground, The Beatles. When we were making the album we were listening to lots of The Roots, stuff with more of a backbeat.

MTV: What are you listening to now that the album is finished? I find when I ask people that question, the answer tends to be drastically different music.

Gadhia: [laughs] I wouldn’t say it’s drastically different. I’ve been listening to Tame Impala a lot, Innerspeaker is a great album. The Morning Benders. Avi Buffalo. Just trying to follow the more contemporary musicians, the younger generation, the people who are going to be doing big things in the future.