Young the Giant will be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28; they're the only band not nominated for an award to get a performance slot, something that proves MTV likes them almost as much as we do. And the band wants 300 of their fans to join them onstage at the Nokia Theater in L.A. for the show. You've got to be local to Southern California; we're not gonna be flying anybody in. But if you're a serious YTG fan and want to show your support live on MTV a week from Sunday, here's what you need to do:

Go to Young the Giant's website and sign up. Enter the promo code YTGVMA and in the "comment" section, relate your favorite YTG experience and why you want to join the band on stage!

In their blog, The Jacuzzi, YTG explained how all this came about (the performance, and the idea to bring in fans):

"On April 22nd, after a few hard months of touring the US we ventured up the coast to San Francisco for yet another show. We were playing a great venue called Slims and were excited to be joined by some old friends. We had a great time that night, Slims was sold out and the energy in the room was contagious, we fed off the crowd's excitement - it was a blast. Flanked by friends and surrounded by enthusiasm we did what we always set out to do, simply have a good time on stage and enjoy the moment. This night was no different than most of the previous few months of touring except that our friend Alex happened to be on hand with a video camera. He captured something sincere, a tiny glimpse into a night in our lives. We posted it on YouTube.

"A few months later executives at MTV stumbled upon Alex's video and apparently were inspired, not solely by the band, but rather inspired by the moment that was captured, by the energy of the crowd. Shortly after we were offered the performance on the VMAs and we met with the MTV production team and listened as they explained their discovery of the Slim's video and how it weighted heavily in their decision making process.

"This moment is something that we've been afforded so graciously over the past two years on a nightly basis from your generous support. In turn, we want to THANK YOU!

"When it came time to discuss the production for our VMA performance we had one goal - to involve our fans! This opportunity has been plucked straight from our wildest imagination and who better to share such a monumental moment with than the people that helped us achieve it.

"Thank you for your continued support! We hope to see you on stage with us!"