Jacob Tilley and Francois Comtois of Young the Giant were interviewed by MySpace's Moving the Needle blog this week, and they had a lot to say about the band's early years, their live shows and pre-show rituals, and much more.

Before they take the stage, says Tilley, "we kind of get everyone around before we go on, have a very awkward circle, and try to inspire some camaraderie between all of us. We kind of like making everyone a part of it, and not kind of excluding people. And even if there's like a random person from the night before, we pull them in, make them part of the groovy circle."

Comtois says he's learned a lot through the extensive touring the band's done; all the time on the road has "definitely made me more appreciative of, just the opportunity in life. And being away from home, and your family, your girlfriend, and all of that definitely makes you appreciate even more the good, strong, deep seeded relationships. And I actually don't know that I ever really thought of California as the paradise that I do now, until I left it for a while. There's absolutely beautiful spots around the world, but there's just something about California now that I can't stay away from there for too long."

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