Young the Giant are the subject of an in-depth cover story in the OC Weekly. The paper, which is basically their hometown paper and has been covering the band since its earliest days, gets them to open up about their own surprise at how quickly their audience has grown.

Says frontman Sameer Gadhia, "I have recordings of old phone conversations we had with our managers...Stuff like 'You guys are gonna have to just get used to slaving it on the road, and we might not get anything for a long time—you guys might be playing to no one for years, and that's probably the way it's gonna be.' And it's funny: Things have worked out the way we naively thought they would. And that's been the identity and the idea of the band for a long time."

The piece also describes the process of making the band's debut album, and explores the close ties they retain to Irvine, the town where they grew up. It's a terrific story; read the whole thing.

Young the Giant's self-titled debut album is available everywhere now; grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!