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About The Discography

The Misfits. Cultural Icons to say the least. However, their name is well deserved. When trying to come up with the discography for this act, a fellow employee gave me two words of wisdom, "Good Luck!" It took a while to come up with this disc
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New Music In The Works From Nickelback

It is never too early for a band to start getting shit together for their next release. Nickelback, though still on tour in support of their Roadrunner debut LP "The State", have already started recording the demos for their next recording. They recorded
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What Do They Look Like Now?

Keep your eyes peeled on the Sepultura artist section. After being crammed in the studio over the past couple months, Sepultura is about to be seen. The art directior here at Roadrunner in NY is heading to Brazil this weekend for the Sepultura "Nation" p
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The Carnivore Reissues

The Carvivore Reissues. Though the band parted ways over 10 years ago, you have yet to hear the last of them. Slated for a tentative January 2001 release, both Carnivore LP's are being reissued. This time around, there will be a bit more to see and hear
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Japan Tour 2000-2001 for Kemuri

As of September 26th, 2000, Kemuri has been touring Japan in support of "senka senrui". The tour, scheduled for 56 dates in total, will last until June 25th, 2001. Interesting fact: On off dates during the tour, apparently each member plays DJ gigs at v
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