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Did You Know?

The following is taken from the liner notes that can be found on the cd tray card from ANYONE's 1999 self released live recording titled "Live Acid": In 1999 ANYONE shocked the alternative underground by releasing the controversial psyched
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The LOCO Train Rides Again

The band that fucking killed us (in the good sense of the word) with their self titled debut LP, are currently in pre-production working on their follow up to "Chamber Music". Yes, Coal Chamber are in LA rehearsing new tracks as we speak and looking to hi
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Where Do They Stand Right Now?

This is the act that people are saying is what you get when you mix Janes Adddiction, Rush, and Pink Floyd all together into one. This is the proclaimed MAXIMUM ACID trio known as ANYONE. Their debut release for Roadrunner, titled "Is You" and tentativ
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When Can You See 36 CF Play?

From what I am told, if you are itching to catch a sneak peek at this new Roadrunner act, they will be playing at the Pine Street Theater in Portland on 11/30. Doesn't sound familiar? Well, it used to be called LaLuna, a semi-famous club...maybe what you
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Two Bio Versions

Make note: Keith Caputo marks the only artist on the website for which there are two bios written. The first bio is the official Roadrunner Records bio done for the LP "Died Laughing". The second bio that appears is written by our receptionist Delia Gei
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