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Skull Sessions Episode #30: MEGADETH!!

This is a two-part Skullsessions episode with the first part being a discussion with returning guests Chris Akin and Neeley from The Classic Metal Show regarding Megadeth’s latest ENDGAME release and how it
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Ozzy vs. Black Sabbath

Ozzy vs Black Sabbath! This special Skullsessions podcast continues on where episode #24 left off. This is the Black Sabbath Part II episode but with a bit of a twist. Joining us on this episode is the renowned former Blizzard Of Ozz bassist and songwriter
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Skull Sessions Episode 28: Blame It On Grunge!

Returning guests author Martin Popoff, Neeley from The Classic Metal Show, and former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson join Skull Sessions host Bob Nalbandian in this very provocative and contentious discussion regarding the ever-so-popular Grunge
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