King Diamond

This two-CD pack follows King Diamonds concept albums by packaging together Them and Conspiracy. King Diamond inserts himself among the story's characters, which also includes his mother, little sister, a haunted house, and a grandmother who has returned from a long stay at the insane asylum. Andy LaRocque delivers distinctive, semi-thrash riffs, majestic harmonies, and searing, inventive solo passages to standout moments. 
Disc: 1
1. Out from the Asylum - King Diamond
2. Welcome Home - King Diamond
3. Invisible Guests - King Diamond
4. Tea - King Diamond
5. Mother's Getting Weaker - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
6. Bye, Bye Missy - King Diamond
7. Broken Spell - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
8. Accustion Chair - King Diamond
9. "Them" - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
10. Twilight Symphony - King Diamond
11. Coming Home - King Diamond
12. Phone Call [*] - King Diamond
13. Invisible Guests [Rehearsal][*] - King Diamond
14. Buy, Buy Missy [Rehearsal][*] - King Diamond

Disc: 2
1. At the Graves - King Diamond
2. Sleepless Nights - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
3. Lies - King Diamond
4. Visit from the Dead - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
5. Wedding Dream - King Diamond
6. "Amon" Belongs to "Them" - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
7. Something Weird - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
8. Victimized - King Diamond, Andy LaRocque
9. Let It Be Done - King Diamond
10. Cremation - King Diamond
11. At the Graves [Alternate Mix][*] - King Diamond
12. Cremation [Live Show Mix][*] - King Diamond

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