Women and Children Last is a dirty dose of whiskey-soaked riffs, satanically sleazy solos and infectiously invasive choruses.  Which means it’s what the Murderdolls do best, but even better (and filthier) this time around.

Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 tear through unforgettable tracks like "My Dark Place Alone,” “Death Valley Superstars,” “Summertime Suicide” and “Drug Me To Hell,” to name a few. Even though Joey's live role in Murderdolls is axe-slinging, his one-of-a-kind drumming fuels the album. Produced by Zeuss [Hatebreed, Shadows Fall] Women and Children Last exists in an evil little place tucked somewhere in a back alley behind the thrash, glam, punk and arena rock super highways, and Murderdolls have arrived to rip pop culture a new one. All you can do is sing along while they haul off your daughter…

Rock 'n' roll is dangerous again, thanks to Murderdolls and Women and Children Last, their sophomore album for Roadrunner Records.

1. The World According To Revenge
2. Chapel Of Blood
3. Bored 'Til Death
4. Drug Me To Hell
5. Nowhere
6. Summertime Suicide
7. Death Valley Superstars
8. My Dark Place Alone
9. Blood Stained Valentine
10. Pieces Of You
11. Homicide Drive
12. Rock N Roll Is All I Got
13. Nothing's Gonna Be Alright
14. Whatever You Got, I'm Against It
15. Hello, Goodbye, Die
12. Rock N Roll Is All I Got

Special Edition Bonus Tracks:
16. Motherfucker See, Motherfucker Do
17. The Funeral Ball
18. A Moment Of Violence

Limited Edition Last Aid Kit:
For the die-hard Murderdolls fan, this limited edition piece is packaged in a unique Murderdolls first aid kit. It’s not your usual first aid kit though– this frightening set includes the CD/DVD edition of the band's new album Women And Children Last, an exclusive t-shirt (size L), digital download, autographed booklet, patch, sticker, pill case, plus some other gruesome extras. Order yours now!

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