Here you go...What was it like at The Playboy Mansion for Downer and Roadrunner's own Maria? Read on...Maria's take is first, followed by the boys in Downer. When you finish reading, check out the Downer Photo Gallery for some pics from the night. Enjoy! Maria Oh, Huey.... A trip to the Playboy Mansion is a dream for many, but I hope you are willing to wait - in line that is. Downer, their management and I waited for over an hour to get on shuttle from UCLA to what many men consider heaven, the humble abode of Hugh Hefner. The "man" was throwing a party for the celebs that participated in the first annual Playboy Scramble, a golf tournament for one of the many Playboy charities. We didn't see too many sport celebs, but we did run into members of Incubus, the Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin with his Latin posse. The driveway was lit up like no other I have ever seen. Candy canes, light fixtures in the grass in the shape of Playboy bunnies, and stars galore. Arriving at the mansion was like landing on Fantasy Island, but instead of Mr Rourke and little Tattoo greeting you, Playmates and bunnies welcomed you with open arms and big smiles. The pool area was just amazing - waterfalls and an abundance of palm trees, most of the party took place here and in the tent area next to it. We (at least I did) found the most entertainment in the zoo and game room. Flamingos, Lemurs, and other primate breeds were on display at the zoo for all to see and feed. Defender, Pac Man, Centipede, Frogger and Donkey Kong were among the video games represented in the game room along with a pool table. There was also a lounge with a television tuned into the Playboy channel - shameless self promotion wouldn't you say. Not to mention on the way to the gameroom we walked over Hugh Hefner's Hollywood star - as if one was not enough. At this moment I will turn things over to the band who would like to offer their commentary of the evening's festivities: Downer On Monday, December 9th, The Downer Hot Tub Assault Team(D.H.T.A.T.)invaded the one and only Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA. It was an event to be seen by all. Team members were seen at all the hot spots in the mansion including (but not limited to): "The Grotto", a cave like structure housing a waterfall, STEAMING hot jacuzzis, and many lounge pillows meant to comfort all the boys and their bunnies, "The Game Room", a hang out containing all of the classic 80's arcade games like Defender, Missile Command, Galaga, and billiards, and "The Pillow Room", a very comfortable, mirror lined room dedicated to spooning, porn watching, and (no doubt) fellatio. Downer was reported (although not confirmed) to have been making the rounds with all the bunnies. While the boys did have to do the normal industry "schmooze", i.e. photos ops with the "BAckstreet Boys" (a flacid experience), they did manage to meet more than a few of the bunny eared locals. With a full bar and buffet set up for everyone's enjoyment, a great time was had by all. The men from Downer were ready to take it well into the morning but were finally ushered out the door, along with all the other attendees, and forced to wait until the next time they are asked to hang with Hef. What a night!!! My soldier is still saluting. From the front, Downer