Hot damn, this is the 4TH news item in a row about Roadrunner videos...this one takes us to the world of DRY KILL LOGIC (formerly known as Hinge). Saturday, April 21st, we are putting together a video shoot for DRY KILL LOGIC's (formerly known as Hinge) track "Nightmare" (listen to it HERE) at New York City's infamous CBGB's. Know where it is? 315 Bowery (corner of Bleeker St) in the heart of the East Village in NYC. Everything starts at NOON sharp! Why go? 1) it's free, 2) this is your chance to be in a video, 3) DRY KILL LOGIC (formerly known as Hinge) is a great band, and they will be playing a live set for you, 4) we will be giving way copies of Fear Factory's new album DIGIMORTAL before it is in stores, 5) when DRY KILL LOGIC (formerly known as Hinge) is not playing, you will hear brand NEW Roadrunner music (can't tell you who from, but you WILL NOT be disappointed). Need another reason? How does FREE PIZZA strike you? Well, can't confirm the pizza angle, but all the rest is true. It will be a great time, you will hear a great band, and hear some great new music. Be a part of the DRY KILL LOGIC (formerly known as Hinge) video shoot for "Nightmare". once again - Saturday, April 21st at CBGB's (315 Bowery, corner of Bleeker in NYC), NOON sharp. 16 and up to get in.