Guitar Hero is showcasing some great stories from the bands featured in the new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and among them are DragonForce's Herman Li and Megadeth's Dave Mustaine.

Telling tales of tour and recent accomplishments, as well as their own forray into the Guitar Hero world --Herman and Dave talk not only about their respective tracks "Through the Fire and the Flames" and "Sudden Death," but as personal players of the game as well.

In his tale, Herman Li explains the affiliation with the Guiness Book of World Records and how "things that would be crazy to other people become normal to us..."

Writes Herman, "On the last tour we would go and play the last song in the crowd—not the drummer, obviously, but everyone else, even the keyboard player. We’d run to the back of the room and start playing on the bar and the fans would get really fired up. People start smashing glasses and knocking drinks over; chaos happens. People are shocked. Sometimes people try to touch our guitars. One guy was trying to feed me a drink and he ended up feeding it to my guitar and the guitar stopped working so that was the end of my trip into the crowd for that night, those things will happen. People pull on my hair and pull at my trousers, and I don’t really know what to do about that when I’m trying to play. Maybe they want to take a piece home. It is fun to have the interaction, it seems like some people don’t know what to do with themselves when we’re out there but maybe that’s because we always go and play in the bar area."

Meanwhile Dave Mustaine's tale tells of his fruitful year in reuniting with original bassist David Ellefson, becoming a New York Times Best Seller and the "mind-boggling" endeavor of conquering Europe with the Big Four.

Writes Dave, "I had all of these problems in my life and in my career, and after Darrell from Pantera had been murdered it really shook me up, and I said I’m really going to change my life. Life is too short. I realized that what happened to him could be any of us, and I don’t carry on anymore like this is a business where we’re all really friends, and we can’t hang out when we see each other because there have been weird vibes over the years. That’s all fun and games when you’re a kid, and it is survival skills—which is what my whole thing was—but when you get a little bit older, if you don’t get control over those things, they make you difficult to be around. I’ve gone through a lot of self-examination and therapy and I’ve learned where these survival skills came from and how to shut them down. It works when you’re 15 and living on your own, but I don’t need to be like that when I’m 49 and I have a house.    

I made a post on my website and said I’m putting an olive branch out there to the guys who I’ve had problems with in Slayer and Metallica. And now all those feuds are over. Not only are we touring together but we got up onstage and played the same music together. It has been one of the greatest seasons of my life with the game, the book, the tour, and David Ellefson coming back, the Big Four thing, becoming friends again with the guys in Slayer and Metallica. Watching that whole community come back together as strong as it is right now is an awesome rush."

To read Dave Mustaine's full story, go right here. To read the rest of Herman Li's tale, check this location.

Not on Guitar Hero? No problem. Listen to DragonForce's "Through the Fire and the Flames" and Megadeth's "Sudden Death" in the players below.