DragonForce are set to release their first-ever live album Twilight Dementia on September 14th, but are you ready? We've given you a taste of what's to come with "Through the Fire and the Flames" and "My Spirit Will Go On" live from the Ultra Beatdown world tour so far, and today, to ensure you can handle the full throttle, 2-disc fury of DragonForce live, we've got the opening track "Heroes of Our Time" all cued up and ready to go.  "Journey on towards a brighter day" and listen to it now in the player below!

Shedding some light on the uplifting song, guitarist Herman Li tells Revolver, "'Heroes of Our Time' is about how anybody can be a hero to someone. It can be a soldier, a doctor, a musician, anybody—whether they know it or not—who affects the lives of others in a positive way. No one sets out to be a hero in the first place; you can just end up being one by the things you do and what you believe in. The message is to never give up and all the sacrifices you make in life will prove worthy in the future." Read more about what he had to say about the Grammy-nominated song right here.

Whether you've done yourself the disservice of never seen the band live, or you're aware of their over-the-top energetic performance, then don't miss your chance to pre-order the killer live album Twilight Dementia RIGHT HERE with some exclusive, limited supply bonus extras.