The debut EP from Southern California's Heartist, Nothing You Didn't Deserve, is out now! It's a six-song disc, available exclusively on iTunes and from the band's webstore!

The band's drummer, Matt Marquez (formerly of Norma Jean), was recently interviewed by Highwiredaze. He talks about how the band came together, what fans can expect from their live show (they'll be on the road soon!), and recording Nothing You Didn't Deserve on their own.

Says Marquez, "Doing it ourselves was actually pretty fun. I know that Tim [Koch] and Jon [Gaytan] (guitarists) both were writing constantly. Doing a DIY record was because of the band overall wanting to say “we’re doing things out way”. That’s where the music takes its shape. There is something different about each song. We didn’t want to lock ourselves into just one sound for a whole EP or LP. We all came from a variety of music backgrounds and wanted to show that through this record instead of being another new band in the scene by just sticking to one song formula."

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Grab your copy of Nothing You Didn't Deserve now on iTunes or from the Heartist webstore!