On Thursday morning (02/15), we at Roadrunner Records gained our newest addition to the family, a four piece band by the name of HINGE. They hail from Westchester County in New York (looking for directions? Well, you have Manhattan, then the Bronx, and then go a bit further north and you have Westchester). HINGE recently spent the latter part of 2000 recording 13 tracks at a place called Bear Tracks Studio in New York (many of which will be featured on their Roadrunner debut). A little info on Bear Tracks - it is located just outside of NYC on the border of some nature preserve and owned by a couple members of Spyro Gyra, used as their personal studio and compound. But I digress... We are very happy to announce the signing of HINGE and have the following track for you to hear from the Bear Tracks recording sessions. The following MP3 is a song called NIGHTMARE. We hope you enjoy! For a photo of HINGE click HERE. Expect an artist page to be up on this band come next week.