Lynyrd Skynyrd have released a video for their latest single, "Homegrown," and you can watch it right now above!

It's a slightly different sound for the band, but it's still 100% Skynyrd - when we interviewed Johnny Van Zant a few months ago, he said of the song, "A lot of times in the past we’ve said, 'Let’s stick within the boundaries of Lynyrd Skynyrd.' This song was a little heavier—[RickeyMedlock had the guitar part, and we co-wrote the song with Blair Daly; we went over to his house and just started pounding it out. With this particular album, we said, 'Let’s start writing songs how we’re feeling that day and what we’re doing, and not stay confined within any boundaries,' and it really is outside for us a little bit. Lyrically, it talks about a crazy chick that’s just got it all going on, and I think the song fits lots of our female fans' attitudes. They got it goin’ on, and they’re homegrown, you know? They’re down-to-earth chicks. We had a great time doing it, and I love the song—I love what it’s about, and the feel of it."

Lynyrd Skynyrd
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