Be on the lookout, in about a month you will be seeing something new from Machine Head - a home video (really a web video) which will not be for sale, but free to view here on the Roadrunner site or at Machine Head's website. Here is the idea behind it - this past November Machine Head did a run of 4 shows on the West Coast to play some new tracks that they have been working on for their upcoming LP, Supercharger (recording starts March 5th). Anyway, it was thought that it would be a cool idea to grab footage from the last show on that run, Maritime Hall in San Francisco on Nov 25, and post them playing the live tracks here on the site. Unfortunately, the video recording was not too great of quality, at least not good enough to give you an idea what the songs sound like. So, we had the band send us videotapes from 5 other shows filmed during The Burning Red tour (one of which was shot in London and is good quality shit). So here it goes, a video is now being made for web which will be about 5 live songs from The Burning Red tour (various dates) along with Rob Flynn commenting on the shows and what it was like to play the various places they played. If I am sounding a bit vague, it is because all the details are not yet known. All I can say is that it will be cool, and that some sort of video is being made. Again, this will be available for viewing ONLY here on the Roadrunner Records website and at Machine Head's website. More details to follow...we are hoping to have this ready come the end of March.