"The Misfits have been preserved on determination and the shear will to survive" - Jerry Only First show ever played by the MISFITS was April 18th, 1977 at New York's CBGB's. April 18th 2001 marks the 1st day into the launch of the 25th year of the MISFITS. According to www.misfits.com, the Misfits are entering their 25th year as a band with plans to recruit a new singer and drummer. While da' Fits have been traversing the country both as a three piece and with Ignite frontman Zoli on vox, they will be looking toward drafting the right frontman to fill the shoes of erstwhile throat Michale Graves. Check out their website for more detail, in fact a great letter is there written by Jerry Only. Here's to a quarter century of ghoulishness and growling guitars, and a quarter century to come.