A few odds and ends to wrap up the week - Today (04/06) we received a couple pieces of new product - both relating to the April 24th releases. One piece being the Fear Factory DIGIMORTAL digi promos, with a sticker on the front proudly exclaiming "LIMITED EDITION DIGIPAK WITH 4 BONUS TRACKS" (no further explanation necessary). The other piece being the Dislocated Styles Pin The Tail On The Honkey debut promo copies. As said before, both pieces will be available in stores come April 24th, along with DOWNER's self titled debut. To learn more about these albums, check out these bands ARTIST pages. You will also find music from all three releases posted. And if you look hard enough, you'll even find a video game relating to the DOWNER release. Happy Hunting. Another note - just came across a new Sepultura page at www.umusic.ca. Give a peek. In the meantime, know this - the new Sepultura NATION release is in stores now. They are currently on the road with Hatebreed here in the states until the end of the month, before heading out to Europe in May (see Sep's TOUR DATES for details).