I almost hate to put this up since I know nothing about this, but these are quotes from Keith Caputo (former Life Of Agony frontman) taken from a December 2000 interview for the German magazine Gaesteliste - (in regards to future possibilities) "I believe Life of Agony was a very categorized thing, and I am even up to go into that again and do a new record with the guys. I know you're loving to hear that. You know, I looked back, and it could have worked for us...I think we'll make a large quantity of people happy. I know another record could be so intense, so harmonious. I think that, by being away from each other, we really earned again the necessary respect and appreciation for each other. We were very close to each other for ten years." (in regards to the break up) "It just wasn't truthful anymore, so I had a fucking break. I didn't want to tour and continue with the band only for cash. We actually had a bunch of sold out shows already scheduled. I didn't wanted to disappoint anybody, but I knew how I would feel if I continued to do the band in such a way. I did what I thought it would be honest to myself, and I am still convinced that it was the wisest decision at the moment. It may have disappointed a lot of people, but I believe that those people later understood why it happened." This is the word from Keith. If your German is still good, you can read the entire interview with Keith at www.gaesteliste.de.